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On the Moenebroek, halfway between Ophasselt and Schendelbeke, you will find the Moenebroek reserve. It spans 20 hectares and is run by Natuurpunt vzw.

Description of the area

The heart of the nature reserve is a swamp wood with several springs and a great deal of seepage or leaking groundwater. All kinds of rare species find a home there. The swamp wood is surrounded by a small-scale landscape with fields, haylands and meadows with beautiful hawthorn hedges, willow rows and ponds. Some ponds were recently constructed by Natuurpunt. They not only provide a permanent watering place for cows, but are also the breeding ground for frogs and salamanders. Along the hedges and the rougher field edges, the animals can move around and populate the new ponds that way.

The valley is incised by a stream that is naturally meandering for now. The dry higher meadows have long been arable land in the past and are intensively grazed outside the nature reserve. Due to the use of fertiliser, the grasslands are poor in species.


The paths are freely accessible all year round. Boots or sturdy walking shoes are recommended. Dogs welcome, but on the lead.

The 7K path, marked with red arrows, is a landscape hike along country roads and paved roads. The shorter path of 2.5K with blue arrows runs along the heart of the nature reserve through hay meadows. The footpath was realised with the support of the King Baudouin Foundation and Lotto.


  • Come and spot the Galloway cattle. These cattle have been brought to graze the meadows.
  • Come in April-May or July-August to marvel at the many butterflies
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