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‘Rietbeemd’ is located in the open, unspoilt valley of the Marke, a tributary of the Dender that is rich in fish. On the hillsides that afford beautiful views, you will find mixed deciduous woods scattered in the landscape.

Description of the area

In addition to deciduous woods, there are also hedgerows, willow rows, isolated reed beds, and here and there, a pond or a 'dead' tributary of the original Marke. The results of landscape management are striking: a mixed flowery open landscape peppered with shrubs, trees and blackberries, ideal for the red-backed shrike. Part of the Marke Valley is a designated quiet area, where you can hardly hear sounds of human presence.


Accessible on paved and unpaved roads. Start: St-Antoonshoeve, Boureng 57, Deux-Acren. From Astridlaan, Geraardsbergen (direction Edingen) and the church of Overboelare, there is signposting to the start.

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