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Eerste Toog

The annual fair, better known as the ‘Eerste toog’ (First Bar), takes place every year on the First Monday of March and starts at 9.30 a.m. In 2018, this will be held on Monday 5 March.

There are over 165 market vendors and stall holders who take part in this event. 
The market is confined to certain streets in the city centre and the Station Square:

  • Markt
  • Brugstraat 
  • Kaai 
  • Begijnhofkaai 
  • Grotestraat
  • Oudenaardsestraat 
  • Adamstraat
  • Stationsplein 
  • Lessensestraat 
  • Verhaegenlaan 
  • Gasthuisstraat 
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