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't Aloam

't Aloam Museum is a unique working mill, converted into a museum with a collection of tools of the old crafts. ‘Aloam’ is the Geraardsbergen dialect for tools.

't Aloam Museum is housed in an old water mill that remained operational until 1992. It was already in use in 1293 and underwent several renovations. Two turbines, for example, were installed in 1905. The Mertens Mill was known far and wide for grinding grain.

In addition to the restored old mill, the original miller's house and the old 1900 classroom, a large collection of tools have been housed and displayed here in a didactic manner. The tools include those of the: 

  • farrier
  • blacksmith
  • woodworker
  • clog maker
  • cobbler
  • stonemason
  • cigar maker
  • milliner
  • cooper
  • plumber
  • butcher
  • straw plaiter

Practical information

Guided tours of groups by appointment only.

Admission price, including guide: adults EUR 5, children and schools EUR 3. 

‘Fly-Along’ route

The ‘Fly-Along’ route is a route through ’t Aloam Museum tailored to young children (age 5 to 12) and is intended for young families.

While adults visit the museum, the children can go on an adventure together with the fly.

The children follow the' flies' through the museum and solve tasks that involve watching, sensing, sniffing and doing. They can use the materials (colouring pencils, paper, etc.) that are in the backpacks they get at the start.

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