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Manneken Pis Chapter Day

In 1984, the chairmen of the Tourism Association, Olav Geerts, and of the local Carto Numis Collectors' Club (CNC), Jacques Flamant, founded, together with architect Adam Verschaffel and the Alderman for Tourism, Emest Daver, the Brotherhood of the Geraardsbergen Manneken Pis. The intention was to promote the Geraardsbergen Manneken Pis as the oldest peeing chap of Belgium. The countless radio and television broadcasts, along with the numerous newspaper and magazine articles that have appeared since the founding of the Brotherhood, both at home and abroad, prove that the association has certainly not missed its goal and is still responsible for disseminating that idea.

Every year on the first Sunday of June, 'the Day of the Chapter of the Brotherhood of the Geraardsbergen Manneken Pis' takes place, together with the Golden Manneken Pis throw and the inclusion of deserving members in the Brotherhood.

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