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Geraardsbergen is not only the city of the Wall and Manneken Pis, but also the 'Mattentaart’ capital. No passer-by or tourist can leave Geraardsbergen without tasting this small, round, curd-cheese delicacy.

European regional product

You will find ‘mattentaarten’ in all the city’s bakeries. Only pies from Geraardsbergen and Lierde, prepared in the original way, are entitled to bear the name ‘Geraardsbergse Mattentaarten’, because the ‘Geraardsbergse mattentaart’ is recognised as a European regional product.

The European Union has officially recognised ‘Geraardsbergse mattentaart’ as a European regional product. The ‘mattentaart’ was the first Flemish regional product with European protection!

The name 'Geraardsbergse Mattentaart' can only be used if the pie is actually made in Geraardsbergen or Lierde. Moreover, this must be done according to the old recipe and with milk from the region.

The mats that they use for this purpose must come from, and be made on, farms in the same region.

Matten map

A frequently asked question in Geraardsbergen is: "So where can we buy the best ‘mattentaarten’"? The answer is simple: there is no 'best' or 'authentic' ‘mattentaart’. They are all equally authentic and tasty, but slightly different. Although the recipe is, in fact, pretty much set in stone, each baker places his own - secret - accents. So there are as many ‘Geraardsbergse mattentaarten’ as there are bakers.

That's why we decided to develop a ‘Mattenkaart’ (matten map). The map allows you to discover all the ‘mattentaarten’. A keyword sums up what every baker finds so typical of his own ‘mattentaart’. Everyone must decide for themselves which one is the best. What you can be sure of in any case is that the pies are made with the greatest care and passion. So head out on a culinary journey of discovery and get to know the ultimate regional product of Geraardsbergen and Lierde in a new way!

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