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The Helix

The Helix, Flemish Knowledge and Training Centre for Nature and Environment, stimulates and supports education and training on the environment, nature and sustainable development. The centre develops innovative educational products and methodologies for various target groups.

The name 'Helix' refers to the structure of DNA, the bearer of hereditary information in all living beings. The symbol of the centre is therefore the blue spiral, or helix, you can see at the car park.

Educational package

The Helix develops innovative educational products and methodologies for a variety of target groups, including class groups, students, teachers and lecturers, families, senior citizens, associations, etc. Purpose? Encourage people to reflect on, and involve them in, nature and environmental issues close by and further away. We want to help them make the right choices for the sake of a sustainable future.

Public activities

The Helix regularly organises activities for a wide audience of both children and adults:

  • Open Sundays: on these days, a certain theme is in the spotlight. You can then explore the centre, visit the exhibitions, take part in workshops or guided walks.
  • Info evenings: a speaker highlights a specific subject.
  • Children's workshops: during the Easter and summer holidays, children between 6 and 12 can discover and experience nature.
  • Courses: other organisations regularly give training courses in the Helix.
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