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Procession of Plaisance

Every year in Geraardsbergen, there is the 'Procession of Plaisance' that coincides with the fair. The origins of this event go back to the relics of St Bartholomew, the patron saint of our diocese church.

In 1515, the relics of St Bartholomew were moved from St Martens-Lierde to Geraardsbergen. Since then, an annual procession has taken place every year on St Bartholomew’s day, August 24th, or the following Sunday. During this procession, the relics are carried around the city centre by the church council and the locals. In 2015, the procession celebrated its 500th anniversary.

During the Plaisance Procession, various associations put their organisation in the spotlight. They do this with their own 'Manneken Pis' that dons the outfit of the relevant association and heads up their group.

The three giants of Geraardsbergen also join the parade for the occasion.

After the procession, the St Saucisse folk festival kicks off on the market square, where a real Bartholomew is carried around, followed by the brass band that gets visitors to join in the fun with a good pint and some loud chanting.

The next few years, the Procession will be held on:

2018: 26 August
2019: 25 August
2020: 30 August
2021: 29 August
2022: 28 August
2023: 27 August
2024: 25 August
2025: 24 August

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