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Town Crier

During cultural events, the 'Belleman' maintains the age-old tradition of shouting out important announcements. He promotes the city of Geraardsbergen at home and abroad. This task is reserved for Pieter Pools, a Geraardsbergen man, born and bred, who has a weakness for his city’s folklore, history and dialect.

When a competition was launched in 2012 to appoint a new city Belleman, Pieter was immediately interested. He won thanks to his roaring voice and ready knowledge of the local 'Giesbaargs' dialect.

You can see the ‘Belleman’ at work during the 'Krakelingen’ procession, the Day of the ‘Mattentaart' and the Procession of ‘Plaisance'.

Pieter is also master in the Brotherhood of the Manneken Pis. For every donation, he announces which outfit Manneken Pis received and who donated it. 

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